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“Boipelo Matlhare, a spiritual practitioner who channels energies from all elements into healing paths and self-produces monthly moonsongs in Setswana as an expression of life's mystic revelations is a gold gem of Afrika.”_________ Baba Buntu

Welcome to a world awakening on a soul led conscious journey with Boipelo, a song diviner, spiritual practitioner, artist, facilitator, and mechanical engineer….. driven by a vision. A vision of insight into ultimate freedom and abundance in our life cycles and beyond that surrounds every one of us. A vision that is all possible through a channel of positive change with the light of self-transformation.

“I struggled to relate to lyrics that had negative messaging and would find myself often confused as to why a lot of artists weren’t using music to its full potential.” __________ Boipelo

Her musical passion was seeded at the tender age of three when she joined her mum in a choir. Influences from soulful genres and classical music became part of her early stage existence with her parent’s Motown and Jazz collection. Tania Maria and Nat King Cole tuned in as key influencers. She was twelve when she made a soul connection in the world of poetry. Her lyrical expressions soon evolved into a conscious level of healing. It became an outlet of releasing emotions in times of trauma and reviving soul joy. While studying mechanical engineering at the age of twenty, she started playing the guitar and within the next few years ventured into other instruments including trumpet and piano.

Live performances were around Pretoria and Johannesburg in South Africa in the year  2005 with renowned bands inclusive of BLQ and Studio Waste Productions. Soon after she initiated a band and became the lead songwriter and singer that included renowned musicians from the Four Seasons Jazz quartet featured at The Standard Bank Joy of Jazz.

Her vast abilities blends into an out of the box approach to her compilation of metaphysics and music. The  ‘LOVE OF SELF”, an innovative song genre, enraptures the indigenous Africa language, Setswana, Jazz, Rap, Electro and Soul. Her work is an enlightening foundation of Africa cosmology, rooted in indigenous knowledge systems in an expression of poetry and music, music design as well as Kemetic yoga, in the quest to promote well-being and healing.

Her growth is rooted in an awakened ability to listen and receive accurate guidance and tap into an ‘indwelling divine healing wisdom’, connecting and uniting all of us. Her purpose-driven life as a self-taught musician destined her to soul calling destinations, as an initiate of various programs and influencers in place including, Amen Ra Institute out of Ausar Auset, Baba Credo Mutwa, Tehuti, Golden Lotus and Jujumama's Love Academy.

Boipelo’s diverse world ventures include offerings of tailored song services through her Monthly Moonsong classes, Destiny song and Medicine song sessions, programmes and Sound healing concerts. Her quest to heal seeded and harvested The Ba Ra Song Garden, a healing space with ongoing classes in the realm of mind emancipation. Members are rewarded with spiritual cultivation and self-mastery outlets and tools towards pathways of success and wellbeing.

“The beauty of life and the endless ways and possibilities in which we can co-create along with it motivate me every day.” _________ Boipelo

In 2010 she was invited to perform at Sudan 365 held in Johannesburg by the Human Rights Institute of South Africa part of the Global beat for Peace in Sudan campaign. Forthcoming performances continued at various levels.

  • COP17 Conference, Durban

  • Courageous Conversations, Johannesburg

  • City of Tshwane civil society environmental activist group, My Choice

  • Free Minds Festival in Kimberley

  • The Ratha Yatra Festivals in Pretoria

  • Go Play the World Sessions in Dubai

Her innovative double debut music project that self-released in September 2018 includes  Ba Ra Song: Songs for crystal clarity and Moonsongs Volume1 : Songs for seeing your dreams through.




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